dog training

For hundreds of years, the humble dog has been known as man’s best friend
Dog training classes are a great way to socialise your dog and meet dog owners. Training your dog is one of the most fun and rewarding parts of owning a dog. Find training advice for your beginner puppy or your dog in need of a refresher.

Veterinary advice

Monthly veterinary advice on the most common pet issues and ailments
There are thousands of pet emergencies treated each year. We take expertly written advice on the general wellbeing and behaviour of cats and dogs from vets to help you keep your cats and dogs safe, happy and healthy.

pet care advice

Great pet care advice on any pet you can think of!
Dogs,Cats,Birds, Small animals, Chickens, Reptiles, Fish , Horses or whatever type of pet you love, we aim to provide interesting, funny and insightful advice on how to improve the care and happiness of your pet. Everything you need to take care of your pet

latest news

  • Why Do Pets Itch So Much And Whats The Best Remedies
    “Itchy skin” is one of the most common problems of dogs and cats. While there are many causes, it is always an inflammatory response to some stimulus. Once the inflammation starts, the skin is susceptible to secondary bacterial and yeast infections that make things a lot...
  • Introduction To Pet Medicine
    Just like when you or any family member is sick, when you find that you have a sick pet, medicine is what you’ll have to give your ill pet. Your pet is just as much a family member like anyone else, especially if they have been...
  • Pet Turtles What to prepare yourself for
    You’ve heard of people who have pet dogs, pet cats, and individuals who also have pet birds. You might even find that you’ve either heard of, or know of, people who have pet spiders, iguanas, and pet snakes. But have you heard of people who have...

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